You've undoubtedly heard a lot about steam cleaners. You've probably even seen a television commercial saying, "and you can even use it on wood floors."

These need to be viewed very cautiously, however. We'll tell you why and give you some tips on cleaning wood flooring.

Steam cleaner’s internal boiler

Steam cleaners heat the water to about 225 degrees F, pushing the scorching vapor out and into cracks and crevices to kill germs and bacteria. The purpose is to clean, sanitize and dry the surfaces quickly.

The “made for hardwood” cleaners wipe up excess moisture as it moves along the floor. It supposedly absorbs water and dries the floor.

If you look very closely at the directions, they say, "you must be sure your floor is properly sealed." But, unfortunately, it can sometimes be easy to misjudge the condition of your finish. When that happens, there can be big problems.

Wood is porous, and excellent wood flooring. If not sealed, it can absorb water and expand the crown, cup, and warp.

How to test the thickness of a seal

If you insist on using one, test the thickness of the seal. It must be intact before proceeding.

Drip a small amount of water onto its surface. If the water immediately beads up, the seal is intact, and the floor cannot be penetrated. The thicker the seal, the more durable the floor.

Even if the wood is sealed, there can still be problems. You might even void the warranty.
If you have any questions, seek the advice of the hardwood flooring company staff.

How best to clean wood

Dry mop daily so dirt and sand won’t embed between the wood flooring boards and scratch. Vacuum weekly and run a damp, well-rung mop over the floors once a week. Clean and polish a few times a year.

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