Are you in the market for a new flooring option? If so, you may have heard of luxury vinyl flooring? This type of flooring has been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason! Luxury vinyl flooring is durable, stylish, and affordable. In this blog post, Twin Brothers Floors will discuss everything you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring. 

What is a Luxury Vinyl Floor?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a product that combines the beauty of hardwood with the durability of plastic. It comes in many different styles and finishes, including plank or tile, as well as sheet vinyl. Luxury vinyl got its name from being able to mimic real wood at a fraction of the price. 

Vinyl Floors Can Last a Long Time

One of the best things about luxury vinyl flooring is that it can last a long time. In fact, some people have reported that their vinyl floors have lasted for 20 years or more! Vinyl flooring is also resistant to scratches and fading, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged over time. 

Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Install

Unlike other types of flooring, vinyl is easy to install. This is because it usually comes with a peel and sticks backing that makes installation simple. That’s why when you hire Twin Brothers Floors, you can enjoy your new floors in a short period of time!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Maintain

Another great thing about luxury vinyl flooring is that it is easy to maintain. All you need to do is sweep or vacuum it regularly, and mop it with a damp cloth when needed. You don’t have to worry about staining or fading, either – vinyl flooring is resistant to both! 

Get Your New Luxury Vinyl Floors Installed Today!

If you’re looking for a flooring option that is durable, stylish, and affordable, then luxury vinyl might be the best choice for your needs. Contact Twin Brothers Floors and request an estimate for your new luxury vinyl flooring today!