Getting new flooring for your home is an existing activity as it will enhance the beauty of your home. Flooring installation involves a lot of activities and waste that needs to be handled appropriately to keep your valuables safe from dust and damaging debris. Installing new flooring can be hectic for you, and that's why you need the services of Twin Brothers Flooring. We specialize in flooring installation and can install any type of installation, including laminate flooring. When it comes to floor installation, preparation is important as it makes the whole process run smoothly. Here are some preparations you need to make before installing new flooring.

Clear the space

It is essential to remove items or furniture from the area you want a flooring installation FL. It ensures your valuables are kept safe, and no damage will be incurred during the flooring installation. We have a team of employees who can move your furniture, appliances, and any other valuable things that need to be moved. If you just want one room of the house to be installed with a new floor, we can move the items to the next room, but if you want the whole house to be installed with new floors, we advise you to rent a storage pod to store your valuables. We ensure we disconnect all electronic appliances, water taps, or gas appliances before the work begins. We even remove the wall decorations or anything hanging on the wall to protect it from dust.

Ensure the safety of your pets

When doing a flooring installation, in FL, ensure that your pets are in a safe place, as they are also part of your family. The machine used for flooring installation, such as a buzz-saw, might frighten the pets and even cause them anxiety. If you have playful and sneaky pets, they might sneak into the project's area, and dust from old floors and subfloors can be harmful to your pets.

Find out if the new flooring will result in a rise in floor height

Depending on the type of flooring installation FL you choose, some might raise the floor height, which means you will have to readjust the doors and remove the baseboards and trim. Our team of professionals is experts depending on the type of flooring you choose. They are going to advise you where there is going to be any rise in the floor height.

Create a work area and waste disposal area

Your floor installers will require a working area to store their machines and materials. Ensure the working area is not far from where the project is taking place for the convenience of your installers. With the flooring installation process, a lot of waste is produced; create an area where they can dispose of the waste or ensure your garbage bin can hold the flooring waste.

Preparation before flooring installation is important as it ensures the whole process runs smoothly and becomes a success. You need a professional installer for a successful flooring installation, and we are the best answer for you.

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