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Countertop epoxy coatings could work for you

We know you have many questions if considering epoxy countertops for your home. This rising trend is catching on among homeowners for many great reasons. If you're new to this countertop option, we'll help you navigate your options.

These surfaces are unique, with no premade material offerings currently available. In addition, epoxy surfaces are considered solid-surface pieces. Here are some more facts that could serve you as you consider this choice for your home.

Where to use epoxy for countertops

Epoxy is an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens and works on almost any material. Epoxy countertops work on this project's metal, wood, laminate, and ceramic materials. Few homeowners use epoxy on granite and marble, but it is possible.

This material can even create the look of granite and marble, which adds fantastic benefits. And because epoxy is only a fraction of the cost, it's also easier to budget. Be sure to ask about epoxy brands that are best for your surfaces.

How to make epoxy countertops

Mixing resin with a hardening compound is how construction works with these countertops. Both materials come as a liquid but form solid countertop epoxy coatings when mixed and left to dry. The process must progress quickly so the compound doesn't dry before placement.

The result is glossy, clear, and flat unless you choose textures for the surface. The protective coating is another option you might like to add. This ensures the most extended lifespan for these great countertops.

Advantages of epoxy countertops

Durability is one of the critical benefits that draw homeowners to epoxy options. It features a long-lasting shine that doesn't dull, requiring reapplications. Cracks, chips, and scratches are rarely seen on this surface.

For homeowners that love a super-glossy finish, epoxy countertops are perfect. Mineral oil applications, from time to time, are a great way to keep them looking their best. And you'll never see a seam in this product once it's complete.
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