Different Types Of Carpeting

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Different Types of Carpeting

tampa carpeting storeWhen it comes to carpeting , you get a huge variety to choose from. It can extend from simple fabrics to the textures varieties which would be improving the aesthetically value of your home.
Ideally carpeting is a great way to reduce the cost of flooring in your house while making it look classy at the same time. You will be glad to find that there is a huge number of carpeting options that you can chose from. There are many different terminologies used for defining these carpeting (sometimes used interchangeably as well).

We would be focusing on the major carpeting styles so that you can choose the best for yourself

  • Textured- if you are looking for a carpet that does not sustain the marks of the vacuum cleaner or even your footprints, then you should be looking for textured carpeting. As the name suggests, this kind of carpeting comes with a large number of textures which are able to hide the marks with ease. Moreover, they are quite interesting to look at. If you have a rather simplistic kind of home d├ęcor and wish to add an element of complication in an attention grabbing piece, then the textures carpeting would be the best for you.
  • Twist- they are also known as frieze carpets. These carpets come with some extra complications. As such, they are modifications of the typical textured carpets only. However, the fibers that are used in these carpets come with extra twists because of which they look like artworks instead of carpets. They look the best when used in contrasting colors and that too in very deep and rich hues. Additionally, they are great for hiding marks and foot traffic as well.
  • Loop- these are usually pile style carpets where the loops are not cut. The uncut fibers look like they are small fibers sticking out of the carpet. This is the reason why these carpets are also known as plush carpets. They are extremely soft but very poor in hiding foot marks. However, they are quite easy to take care of. As the fibers start out as loops, they are quite durable as well.
  • Patterned- patterned carpets are great for creating different looks in a room. Though carpets are usually employed in larger rooms, these patterned carpets can be used in smaller rooms as well. You can use larger patterns to make the room look bigger.

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