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Types of Hard Wood Flooring

hard wood flooringWhen it comes to hard wood flooring , you would generally be presented with the option of oak. The majestic looks, the durability and the excellent re-sistive qualities of this hard wood flooring makes it an excellent choice for those who want a classy but modern look to their house.  However, it comes with a number of features that make it a perfect choice for those who really wish to buy a great quality hardwood flooring. However, apart from oak, there are a number of other hard wood flooring options that you can use in your house.

Here is a brief profile of all these Types of Hard Wood Floors.

  • Oak– it is the most popular kind of hard wood flooring. This is because oak is quite durable and has a very great aesthetically appeal as well. It comes in two variants- white and red oak. However, it can occasionally come in a gray cast as well. With a rugged grain, it can suit both modem and traditional settings.
  • Beech– this is the second most popular type of hardwood flooring being used these days. It comes with a beautiful reddish brown hue. The grain is equally strong and consistent in nature. The wood is quite durable and has a great ability to resist any kind of shocks. It can be used in high traffic areas with ease.
  • Birch– if you want the flooring to be dark brown in color or maybe a light yellow or even red, birch should be your choice. It has a variety of rich shades and is quite durable as well. However, the wood is softer as compared to oak. This is why it should ideally be used in low traffic areas of the house.
  • Cherry– this kind of wood is softer than the rest. However, it comes in a very rich light brown hue which makes it all the more desirable than the rest. The softness of the wood does not make it a popular option for the entire flooring. It can be used to improve the aesthetics of the flooring. Usually, it is utilized for ornamenting and accenting in other kind of woods.
  • Black walnut- it is also known as American walnut. The wood comes in a very dark hue but it quite a great option if you are looking for a highly durable kind of hardwood flooring. It can be softer than oak and can be used in low traffic areas with ease.tampa flooring

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