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Whether you choose traditional oak or walnut, or go for something a bit out of the ordinary, like bamboo or teak, new wooden flooring really adds something to your home.
There’s nothing quite like wood for elegance, durability and style.
Here in Tampa, wood flooring is one of our specialities – why not come and see the full range of flooring options for yourself?

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TwinBrothers wood flooring is crafted, selected and fitted with the expertise and professionalism you would expect from a high-quality Tampa flooring company.
Solid wood flooring has qualities other types of flooring can barely equal: it is very long-lasting and its natural beauty will always enhance the space it occupies, giving that extra quality, your rooms deserve.

  • Beautiful Hardwood Flooring At Its Best: The natural beauty of grain and the feel of real hardwood turns an ordinary room into a spectacular one. Nothing can quite match the elegance and style of our wooden floors.
  • Hardwood Flooring Will Last You For Years: You’ll probably want to change the look and style of your wood flooring long before it even begins to show signs of wear. It is one of the very best flooring materials to use for its long-lasting properties and durability.
  • Wood Flooring Is Easy To Restore: One of the best things about using wood is that years later it can be restored to its former glory. Wood’s natural lustre and unique grains and textures can be refinished by craftsmen to restore virtually any old wooden floor, breathing new life back into the room.

Common Wood Flooring Questions

Our Tampa hardwood flooring store has supplied and fitted many hardwood floors over the years. With our expertise and a free consultation, we can advise the best flooring option for you – you’ll be amazed at the choices we offer!
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