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Tampa floor storeIt’s no secret that Tampa, Florida is the among the nation’s most humid states, and with that honor comes many challenges for local residents– one of them being having hardwood floors that last a long time without damage or warping.
Fortunately, one Tampa flooring company is changing all that. Twin Brothers Floors does a wide variety of flooring but particularly specializes in both the installation of and revitalization of hardwood floors.
While many residents of Tampa and the surrounding area have long been accustomed to settling for tile, stone or even carpet that must eventually be replaced anyway, Twin Brothers makes it possible for local homes and businesses to have beautiful, durable hardwood floors that rival any of those in less-humid areas of the country.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring

It starts with choosing the right type of wood for the climate. While it may come as a surprise to many homeowners, there are actually a variety of woods to choose from for the Tampa Bay area. Once the right selection is made (with the help and input of Twin Brothers of course), the flooring can then be installed and given a suitable finish for protection against humidity and other elements. Done right, it will last for years and years to come.

Tampa Hardwood Flooring Company

In addition to providing clients with brand new hardwood flooring, Twin Brothers also has expertise in repairing and refurbishing existing floors. Just because it’s damaged or dull doesn’t mean it can’t be sanded down and then refinished to look (and function) like new. These experienced flooring contractors at Twin Brothers are willing to put in the time it takes to add years of extra life to any aging hardwood floor.

Tampa Wood Flooring Company

Founded in 1996, Twin Brothers now ranks among the top Tampa hardwood flooring installers. In addition to hardwood, however, they also work with laminate, tile, and carpet to suit the varied needs of their client’s homes. Unlike many of their competitors, these flooring installers also do free in-home consultations and estimates.

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The owners of Twin Brothers Floors, Mark and David, are third generation Tampa Bay Flooring Contractor with years of service-driven experience. This locally owned business has been serving the community in the Tampa area for decades, delivering everything needed to provide quality renovations and installations.